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pLDR is a passive attenuator. Its LDR sensor is sensitive to light and it is activated by light. It has one input and one output. Cv signals and audio may be put in. When the light hits LDR, it works as an attenuator, and it increas the signal in accordance with the amount of light. You may regard the circuit as a kind of VCA, and use it accordingly. It does not need a power plant since it is passive. RoHS approved components were used, and its sound is very transparent. Input signal does not lose any energy because the circuit is passive.


- All the components are chosen meticulously, approved by RoHS, and it has the through-hole technology

- For audio and CV

- Quality printing circuit board (PCB)


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pLDR | Passive Light Sensor | Light Controlled Amplifier

SKU: 0004