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Rack DI Box for Gökhan Türkmen Stage

The Rack DI Box designed by VAEMI is specially crafted for Gökhan Türkmen's stage performances. It can accommodate all digital or analog equipment, synthesizers, and drum machines, ranging from line-level devices to high-voltage synthesizer levels. This allows you to input the unbalanced audio signals of your equipment into the microphone preamp in a balanced manner through an XLR connector. The Rack DI Box is designed in a 2U rack format and features 8 channels.


Key features include:


- Balanced XLR Output

- Neutrik XLR connectors

- Enables the transmission of audio signals over long distances

- Clean and transparent sound

- 0 degree phase shift

- Accurate isolation from electrical noise in the audio signal

- -12dB Pad available for each channel

- 180 degree phase switch for each channel

- GND Lift switch for each channel


What is a DI Box?


A DI Box is used to match the impedance and level between two pieces of equipment. It accomplishes this by isolating the signal before transmitting it through the cable, and transforming it into a balanced signal, facilitating accurate and clean transmission. The DI Box ensures the isolation of audio signals from potential negative effects in the electronic chain. During this process, maintaining signal integrity, keeping the 0 point right, and avoiding phase shifts at any frequency within our audible range are crucial aspects we pay attention to.


Why should we use Passive or Active DI Boxes?


Active DI Boxes typically contain a classic preamplifier circuit. Active DI Boxes are often suitable for equipment that produces very low signals, such as those working with piezos, some vintage gear, and passive instruments like Rhodes. If you are in a concert hall with a poor electronic system, Active DI Boxes can transfer some of the electrical problems occurring in the system to the audio signal, causing some distortions in the sound.


Passive DI Boxes perform their isolation function much better when the signal does not have an extreme demand. They allow you to reduce the level in a more transparent manner without passing through an op-amp. In a Passive DI Box, the selection of a high-quality transformer is crucial for sound quality. Therefore, we generally recommend using Passive DI Boxes.

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